Empty Products #11

Today, I share with you another round of empty products that I’ve used up recently. Let me know if you like reading these posts and I can continue to save up all my used up products for upcoming empty product posts like this one.

My Sunday Riley Skincare Collection

My skincare journey is just beginning. I am always on the look out for new skincare products that will help to keep my skin look healthy and full of life again. As requested from a few of you, I will share my small Sunday Riley skincare collection. FYI, I am no expert in this field, nor am I a beauty therapist. I am only sharing with you my own personal experiences and what has so far been working for my skin.

Empty Products #10

My empty products posts will commence from today and go live every Wednesday, until I have run out of empty products. I have a large paper bag full of empty products that I have used up in the past few months, which I need to dissect every week. I hope to share with you new, all used up, loved and disappointing products that I bought with my own money or were sent to me to try out.